International Cargo Shipping in Washington DC

International Cargo Shipping

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International Cargo Shipping

Have you ever wondered how do items like cars and heavy machinery get produced in one country and then get sent to different parts of the world in a flawless manner? All of this is made possible by international shipping companies. The competition in the industry is very tough which is why every company offers some unique and value  added service in order to outrank their competitors. International cargo shipping is easier said than done. You may think that the process includes packing and loading up from one place and unloading on the other. There is so much more to shipping than just the moving aspect of it. You have to carefully examine the situation and rules and regulations before you start shipping your items to another country.

What Type Of Cargo Can You Ship Internationally

In order to understand the nature of products that can be internationally shipped, you have to first understand what constitutes cargo. Anything that is carried from one place to another through an airplane, a ship or any other motor vehicle can be considered as cargo. No matter the size of the items, they would still be considered as cargo. If you are someone who is thinking about international cargo shipping then you should realize that there is a lot of paperwork involved and it can sometimes get hectic and very time taking. It is very important to know if the product you want to ship can actually be shipped to that country. Every country has a certain prohibited list. You have to go through it for the destination country as well as the origin or shipping country. If the product is on the prohibited list of any of the said countries then it will be held at customs and you might get into a little bit of trouble depending on the nature of the item. In general terms, you can ship artwork, vehicles, machinery, different types of equipment and many other items. Your cargo does not always have to be a large item. It can also be a large set of clothes of other smaller items. This is why businesses prefer to use shipping companies like 1 Stop Pack n Ship to export their products to other countries and to complete their deliveries in and outside the country.

Cost Of International Cargo Shipping

The cost of international cargo shipping depends on the value and weight of the cargo. The size and weight of the product being shipped is the most important determinant in the cost of shipping. The type of service you choose also affect the total cost of shipping. Expedited shipping costs more than normal shipping.

Size Of The Cargo

One benefit you get from hiring shipping companies is that you don’t have to worry about loading and packing of the items. You might be able to put sine small boxes in the truck but when it comes to big items like or a piano or a sofa, you might need some professional help. 1 Stop Pack n Ship can help you ship products of all sizes to several different countries. We offer both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load for our clients so you don’t have to worry about shipping over sized items to other countries because we have got you covered there as well.

1 Stop Pack m Ship As A Customs Broker

1 Stop Pack n Ship can act as a customs broker for you when your product touches the port at the destination. This is another major benefit of hiring a professional company to carry out the shipping process. We cam benefit of hiring a cargo get cleared from custom authorities who has been in the shipping business for almost forty years. We know hot to deal with customs authorities. Our experience with custom authorities helps to provide our clients with a smooth and easy shipping service.

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More About Our International Cargo Shipping

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC.

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1 Stop Pack n Ship’s Expedited Shipping

1 Stop Pack n Ship also provides expedited shipping service to its clients. Expedited shipping basically means to deliver the product on the same day or in 3 days. In simple terms, expedited deliveries are those deliveries that are completed comparatively faster than the normal pace. You have to ask beforehand if the product you want to ship can be expedited or not. Sometimes it is not possible for some products to reach the destination earlier than a specific number or days. So it is a good idea to discuss the  matter with the company reprehensive beforehand. Expedited deliveries will cost you more than depending on the nature of the product and you country of destination.

Why Is 1 Stop Pack n Ship A Perfect Choice For International Cargo Shipping

1 Stop Pack n Ship is one of the best international shipping companies in the United States Of America. As long as your item does not violate any custom laws, we can get it shipped to your destination in the quickest time possible. You came it, we ship it. We are a trusted company that is knows for its amazing service and flexible rates. It should be noted that shipping companies ship a lot of products at the same time. This helps them minimize the shipping cost. This eventually affects the client as well as the client can enjoy a handsome amount of discount on the shipping service. One of the best things about choosing our service is that you can be sure about the safety and security of you products. Other than the safety factor you can also be sure about the expected delivery time. We are committed to providing A+ service to our clients whish is why we make sure that you item ‘no matter the size’ will reach its destination in the most secure way possible. We carry out international cargo shipping through the sea and through the air. We also offer by road and by rail cargo shipping but they are limited to domestic shipping only.

1 Stop Pack n Ship is not just a moving company. We want our clients to enjoy a safe and complete shipping experience. In addition to providing packing and a loading services, you can also contact us in you have any issues for you international cargo shipping or if you want to have an update about your order. You can always contact us as our local officers or you can contact us through our website. We have a team of well trained and sophisticated staff that will help to resolve your queries in the best way possible.