Furniture Shipping

Shipping Furniture with 1Stop Pack N Ship is a breeze. We have the capacity to handle most oversized furniture and odd shaped objects in MD, VA, DC as well as International shipping. We work with many Large Cargo Shipping Companies to accommodate your needs as well as make sure wherever you move or travel to you are covered.

We specialize in oversized furniture and antique shipping and we build our own shipping crates on site. This is to insure the fit and security of your valuable cargo is perfect. We are not a cheap local mover and your antique or oversized furniture is very important to us. No matter if it is a local move or international that is why we are considered one of the best shipping services companies in the MD, DC, and VA areas.

Working with movers is usually a stressful process. It is especially that way when the local moving company doesn’t have the experience with oversized and antique objects. Taking advantage of our door to door service when managing those large oversized projects and delicate antique objects helps reduce breakage and decreases stress when working through a move. What is our door to door service? We arrive at your location pick up the object to be shipped and we take care of the rest. What is the rest? All documentation, processing and logistics are taken care of for you. Whether it’s across town, across state or around the world you have nothing to worry about.

Our professionals have many years of experience in International Shipping as well as Local Moving. We work very hard to provide the best prices and best experience. Weather you have a small package that needs to go across the state or an oversized piece of equipment that needs international shipping we can handle it.