Fine Art Shipping

Fine Art Shipping Services

1 Stop pack n ship fine art shipping services is more than just putting your artwork in a box and sending it off to its destination. Handling fine art services requires more than just shipping experience. It is a fine art. Every piece of artwork is unique.  So are it’s shipping needs. We have made a commitment to understanding these needs.  Specialize in handling fine art, installation, shipping, crating, and storing artwork of all types. Internationally known and respected for our handling of fine art services.

Our services include (Fine Art Shipping Services):

  • Ceramics and glass
  • Antiques
  • Pottery
  • Furniture
  • Paintings
  • Stone and plasters
  • Sculptures
  • Wax figurines
  • Artifacts
  • Paper and books

Our clients include museums, art collectors, auction houses, art galleries, artists, and corporations worldwide.  We provide a thorough assessment considering factors such as product fragility, size, and value.  Also evaluate pickup conditions, mode of transport, and environmental factors such as climate. Then examine the final destination requirements. Each requirement is factored into determining the appropriate container and cushioning system to ensure a damage free shipment in fine art services.

Moving Paintings, Sculptures, & More

Our specialized staff has the experience necessary to ensure the proper packing and crating methods for you paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts.  All packing materials are archival quality and acid-free to ensure that whether your treasures are being shipped or stored or both, they will be returned to you in the same condition. Experienced staff will discuss the entire moving and storage process with you and ensure that all your concerns have been addressed.  Your moving staff will be assigned to you and will be with you for the duration of your move and storage time.  If you aren’t ready for your art to be delivered just yet, 1 Stop Pack N Ship also offers affordable storage options that will protect your fine art and when the time comes to deliver, we can even help you set it up. Each one of our art movers is licensed and insured moving professional, and we take the time to screen all of our employees prior to hiring.

Determine How to Ship

Shipping fine art requires first assessing a particular piece of art. Each piece of art will have different levels of fragility, be different sizes, and have different values. All of these factors go into how we choose to package up the item and ship it. Depending on the size of the item, we also will have to come up with a plan for transportation. Will it be shipped on a truck? Possibly a plane? Make these plans on an as-needed basis for the specific pieces of art. We want to be absolutely sure that your art is transported and delivered in the same condition as when it first came to us. Communicate with us about the entire shipping process with you so that you feel confident and secure with your art in the hands of our staff.