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Packing and Shipping Furniture

Top Tips For Packing and Shipping Furniture What’s the first thing that comes to mind when planning furniture shipping? Besides the cost, there’s a good chance of trying to figure out how to ensure it arrives the final destination in one piece. Of course,...
How to Properly Prepare for Antiques Shipping

How to Properly Prepare for Antiques Shipping

While shipping items securely is always important, it’s especially crucial for antiques and collectibles, which tend to be unique pieces that can’t be easily replaced if damaged during transit.  At 1 Stop Pack N Ship, we specialize in delivering high quality antiques...
What Sells Well at Auctions

What Sells Well at Auctions

What Sells Well at Auction When doing your spring cleaning, have you ever thought about the money that could be made off all those items that are cluttering up your house?  Many of the items around your house could bring good money at auction.  But how do you know...

Types of Moving Boxes

The closer your moving day gets, the more you need to start planning for your move.  A big portion of that planning revolves around packing and preparing your belongs for the move.  Packing can be one of the biggest headaches of your move, and no matter how much you...