July 2018

Custom Crating for Arts, Antiques, and Lab Equipment DC, MD, VA and Nationwide

Custom Crating for Arts, Antiques, and Lab Equipment

In some instances, one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it. We understand how unique and customary shipping options and solutions need to be for clients today, which is why we offer a completely customized package, leveraging the power of custom crating for our clients. Whether you’re in the art industry, antique shopping and storing, or science-based fields that need sensitive lab equipment to get the research right, that’s where our custom tailored crating comes into the picture.

Arts: Art is such a delicate thing to ship. Just one scratch, puncture, or incorrect temperature fluctuation can damage the entire piece. What took hours and hours of labors, planning, and creative expression can go down the drain with lazy and unavailable shipping services. We take the artwork’s size and composition into consideration while creating your custom crate solution.

Antiques:Antiques can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, carrying sentiment and value from generations past. So uniquely valuable, breaking an antique means breaking a window to history forever. We help you ensure these products are protected from Point A to Point B.

Lab Equipment: Lastly, sensitive infrastructure for research and science has been so carefully crafted and refined that one wrong transportation move and everything becomes null and void. Our custom crating takes lab equipment requirements into mind, helping individuals transport the materials they need to be successful in their laboratory endeavors.

Nothing everything can just be thrown into the generic shipping industry, which is when you should consider a customized solution that was made specifically with you in mind.

Custom Packing and Crating

Whether it’s for export and domestic one-use crates, or custom production crates plus trade show crate, we are able to offer support with platforms, pallets, and corrugated cartons, meeting any shipment requirement you might have. To keep everything safe, our custom crates are steel banded, shock mounted, foam packed, shrink wrapped, and hand packed to ensure every single good is placed with precision and care.

We will pick up, custom crate, and ship your items to its desired destination so that your customers are connected to you at all times. We handle any size, welcoming odd sizes and requested that need a little more attention/ We believe that everyone deserves accessing to custom shipping services that are right for them.

Consider the customized power and reliable investment that comes with custom crating this year.