January 2018

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International Shipping: Air Freight DC, MD, VA and Nationwide

International Shipping: Why Air Freight Is The Best Choice For You

Ever given thought to why so many businesses and regular people choose air freight over other forms of shipping? Well, among other things, air shipping is one of the key areas that has witnessed significant advancements in the past century, and the benefits it offers are equal to none.

It’s also good to point out that air freight shipping makes up over 35% of all trade. In essence, about $6 trillion worth of goods are transported throughout the world via air shipping — now that’s huge!

That being said, you’ll want to kick your international shipping up a notch by engaging the services of a reliable air freight company — you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity if you’re dealing with higher volumes.

Still contemplating air freight services?

Here are reasons to take the plunge right now.

  1. Exceptional Speed
    Looking to transport shipments in record time? If so, you’ll want to settle for nothing less than air freight. For the most part, you can choose to send cargoes across the world in just days, unlike ocean shipping that typically takes weeks or months. The bottom line? Air freight shipping is your best bet if you have tight deadlines or need to deliver goods on short notice.
  2. Worldwide Shipping
    Air freight also gives you the opportunity to reach just about every location you can think of. In essence, you stand a better chance of sending shipments to both big and small countries of the world. This can mean a lot to businesses looking to expand their reach and satisfy the growing demands of their clients.
  3. Easy Tracking
    When you engage air freight services, you’ll find that tracking your package and following its expected delivery time will be a walk in the park. For the most part, you’ll be very much aware of what flight it’s on when it takes off as well as when it arrives. The bottom line? Everything will be as smooth as can be.
  4. Lower Insurance Premiums
    As mentioned earlier, air shipping boasts quicker transit times, making the best option for those looking to save on insurance. In other words, the speed of air shipping attracts lower air freight premiums, and that’s great for your wallet.
  5. Lesser Packing Materials
    Another highlight of air freight is its lighter packing requirement — you won’t have to go overboard with packaging since there are no bumps or drops in the air. This amazing benefit will be especially handy to manufacturers looking to save more on freight costs — lighter shipments are less likely to burn a hole in your wallet, and that’s huge.
  6. Better Security
    Worried about your goods getting lost in transit? Well, don’t be! You should know that air freight services place more emphasis on tracking and security, so you can rest easy knowing that your package is in good hands. The bottom line? Airport security is a top priority, so it’s only normal for your package to be handled with utmost care.
  7. Reduced Dependence on Warehousing
    If you got a small business, you’d be glad to know that international shipping by air freight will cut down the need to stock up in anticipation. In essence, faster arrival and departure of cargo is bound to make inventory management as natural as can be and that’s great for business. What could be better than an easier way to adapt to buyer trends, seasons and the like?

Choose The Best Air Freight Service

As a full-service shipping company, we offer an extensive range of air freight shipping services to both residential and commercial clients — it’s all up to you to reach out and tell us exactly what you need. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is being handled by seasoned professionals who have what it takes to ship anywhere and everywhere. Don’t hesitate to get a free quote right now — it’s about time to start saving time and money.

international cargo

How to Properly Prepare for Antiques Shipping

How to Properly Prepare for Antiques Shipping

While shipping items securely is always important, it’s especially crucial for antiques and collectibles, which tend to be unique pieces that can’t be easily replaced if damaged during transit.  At 1 Stop Pack N Ship, we specialize in delivering high quality antiques from coast to coast.   There are three major steps that an antique owner should take when they need to ship their antiques, whether they are priceless or just worn family heirlooms.  Whether you are looking for antiques shipping dc, antiques shipping va, or antiques shipping md, 1 Stop Pack N Ship is your 1 Stop Antiques Shipping Destination.


Know the Antique

The first step in planning to ship antiques is to know the specifics of the item being shipped.  Ensure you know the exact dimensions of the item.  If you are working with an antiques dealer or business, ask them.  They work with these types of items day in and day out, and they can often assist you in understanding the shipping requirements your item will need.  At 1 Stop Pack N Ship, we know our antiques, and we can also assist you in understanding the shipping requirements your item will need.  Also have an understanding of the value of your antique.  Get a professional appraisal on the antique if you don’t already have one to ensure the accurate value of the item.

Insure the Antique

It is always important to ensure that you ensure the items you are shipping.  The appraisal will help you identify the amount of insurance to purchase.  Check with the insurance company.  There are often a variety of insurance plans available to the antique owner, also check out dealer insurance or automotive insurance if you are shipping an automobile.  You may be able to draft a addition to your homeowners policy to ensure your antiques.

Safe Packaging for Antiques Shipping

Ensure that your shipping company is choosing the appropriate shipping container for the type of item.  Placing a necklace loose in an oversized container can cause the necklace to become tangled.  Packing a delicate antique into a box with minimal padding will not protect that antique from being crushed if a heavier item is placed on top of it.  At 1 Stop Pack N Ship, not only will we take care to ensure that your valuable is packed with the appropriate protection, but we also have the experience to pack a moving truck to prevent item damage.  Don’t risk your valuables to just any shipping company, trust 1 Stop Pack N Ship.

“Give your stress wings and let it fly with 1 Stop Pack n Ship, the award-winning Rockville moving company.”

international cargo

Moving Tips and Tricks

No one likes the thought of moving, whether you are moving a few pieces of furniture or moving your entire home.  Moving is less of a chore when you break down the tasks into weekly to-do lists.  1 Stop Pack N Ship wants to help make moving your furniture easier with these helpful tips and tricks.  Let 1 Stop Pack N Ship show you why we are THE furniture movers in the DC, MD and VA region.
8 weeks
    • Research moving companies with the Better Business Bureau and get recommendations from friends and family who have recently moved.
    • Go to protectyourmove.gov to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as you prepare to work with a moving company.
    • Consider extra insurance coverage you may need for your move. Ask prospective moving companies what insurance is included and check your homeowners’ policy to see what it covers.
    • If you are moving to a new area, research banks, doctors, and schools. Gather all the proper paperwork you need to set up new accounts.
7 weeks
  • Get estimates in writing from at least three licensed moving companies (of course, make one of them 1 Stop Pack N Ship). If possible, have an estimator come to your home to do an inventory.
  • Start a binder or folder where you can keep all of your moving estimates and moving-related paperwork.
  • Make a list of businesses you will need to contact in order to change your address. Don’t forget to list your online accounts too.
6 weeks
  • Get the packing process started by assessing your closets and getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or you no longer want. When the closets are done, start to assess items room by room.
  • Do a first round of donations of unwanted goods to charity, sell items online, or have a garage sale to help pay for your move.
  • If you have children, work with the current and future school to transfer school records and make plans for a smooth transition.
  • Begin packing items that aren’t used frequently. Seasonal items, rarely used gadgets, and items stored in the attic or basement are a good place to start.  And don’t forget, if you need to store anything, 1 Stop Pack N Ship can assist you with your moving AND storage needs!
5 weeks
  • Use up food from the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Refrain from doing too much grocery shopping or buying in bulk before the move.
  • Get the word out to friends and family members that you’re moving. Send them an e-mail with your new contact information or consider sending a moving announcement.
  • Purchase moving supplies including boxes, packing material, tape, labels, and box cutters. Remember to order specialty items like dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, and mattress bags if your mover is not supplying them.
  • Get a box-labeling system in place. Numbered boxes, color-coding by room, and a master list with inventory are key elements.
  • Make a room-by-room packing schedule and start packing!
4 weeks
  • Fill out an official change-of-address form with the U.S. Post Office.
  • Consult your list of businesses and services and make address changes on all accounts.
  • Put in for vacation time at your job for the days surrounding your move and schedule a babysitter if needed.
  • Confirm all paperwork with your chosen mover and double check that the proper insurance is in place to cover your valuables.
3 weeks
  • Cancel all newspaper home delivery and set up delivery in your new neighborhood.
  • Gather valuable paperwork, jewelry, and small family heirlooms. Keep these special items separate from your moving boxes and make a plan for transporting them by hand or via a trackable shipping service with insurance.
  • Do an inventory of high-ticket items and videotape or photograph these items. Note any existing scratches, dings, or damage to your furniture.
2 weeks
  • How’s the packing going? Keep plugging away and don’t leave it all until the last week.
  • Tie up loose ends. Confirm that you’ve changed addresses, have all the proper moving insurance in place, and are ready to make your move.
  • Put together a packet for the new owners of your home with any warranties, vendor recommendations, and a note with your contact information in case they have questions or need to forward you mail.
  • If you are moving major appliances, make sure that they’re cleaned, unplugged, and ready to go. Freezers need to be defrosted and you may need a professional to disconnect gas lines on particular appliances.
  • Fill prescriptions and make sure that everyone has packed medications they need in their suitcase.
  • Withdraw cash to tip the movers and make sure you have enough cash, checks, or a credit card to pay for any unexpected expenses.
1 week
  • Utilities should be turned off in your current home one day after your move-out date. It is helpful if utilities in your new home are turned on one day before your move-in date.
  • Dispose of all flammable items that can’t be transported (paint, chemicals, aerosol cans).
  • See if you have accumulated anything else in your “donate,” “pitch,” or “sell” piles. After more packing, you may have additional items to donate and should have one last pickup by your chosen charity, if needed.
  • Back up all computers and have a plan in place for checking e-mail and paying bills online while your computer is in transit.
  • Get each family member to pack a suitcase like they are going on a two-week vacation. Remember all toiletries and comfortable clothes for unpacking.
  • Check in with your moving company one last time and confirm that everyone is on the same page. Reconfirm the moving-day arrival time as well as cell phone numbers and last-minute details.
  • Hire a cleaning company to come in and do a quick clean after the movers leave or schedule a day that you will come back and make sure that everything is clean and in place for the new owners.
  • Celebrate the memories you’ve made in your home and get ready to start a new chapter in your life.
Items listed in this post originated from Good Housekeeping.  See their post for original content:  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/a18092/moving-checklist/