February 2019


Shipping Services in DC, MD, VA.

1Stop Pack n Ship offers a highly professional level of shipping services centered on customer satisfaction. Being in the market for some decades has given us to chance to fully understand the rules and regulations guiding shipping services around the world, and we also have a team of experts to help us make your shipping a huge success.

Our shipping services are aimed at talking away the stress encountered while trying to move items to local or international destination by offering following services;


Move your items within your locality with much ease with our professional local shipping services. 1Stop Pack n Ship specialize in ground and air shipping targeted at solving the needs dependent on the size of the items to be shipped and the distance to be covered.

Our domestic shipping service is aimed at satisfying the need of individuals and companies who may be highly interested in getting their items moved from within the same vicinity. Our team of expert is well trained and certified to provide shipping services within (location). All our shipping equipment are inspected before use to give you a smooth and hitch-free experience.

At 1Stop Pack n Ship our shipping services include fine art shipping,antique shipping, furniture shipping and large oversize equipment shipping.



Take charge of all your international shipping trip by utilizing our highly professional and license international shipping services. Our company is well aware of the rules and regulations guiding all international shipping procedures, and we have a team of experts who are ready to provide you with all the needed information to make your shipping experience worth the struggle. We ship a wide variety of items from fine art shipping, antique shipping, furniture shipping, personal effects, and large oversize equipment shipping.

Whit our international shipping services, we ship your items directly to your port of choice, we make deliveries to warehouses and can deliver item for export, we arrange your product for clearance, and we keep you posted on the status of your items notify you once the delivery has been made.

1Stop Pack n Ship offers the following international shipping services;

Air shipping

Ocean Shipping



As a freight company, we also specialize in moving items over short and long distances depending on your choice, Once you approach us with the items to be moved, our team of experts will give you all the necessary guidance required for moving your items to the chosen destination with much ease. Our moving services take items to a different part of country with a high level of effectiveness and guidance. We are with you all through the process.




1Stop Pack n Ship provides air ,ground and sea freight shipping in ocean freight, full container FCL or LCL less than container load, and LTL shipping logistics to any destination across the globe. All shipments are carried out and delivered within the shortest time possible and with a high level of effectiveness. for our freight services, we are well aware of the rules and regulations guiding freight services in your chosen location, and we will do our best to make sure your items reach their destination safely.

With our LTL logistics, you will gain access to first-hand information on all that is needed to make your shipping procedure successful.