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Washington DC. Shipping Containers Overseas

We’ve all seen the shipping containers hooked to cars and trucks, making their way over land. But have you ever considered using shipping containers in overseas shipping? These metal frames can do more than just latch onto the back of a truck; they can provide unwavering support and security to your products while they take to the sea with an international destination in sight. The world is a global marketplace today, which means it’s in your best interest to take advantage of it.

Container shipping is how large shipments are sent globally aboard liner ships, also known as ocean freight shipping. Traveling on designated routes, we ensure that the most optimized paths are carves out for your shipments so they are delivered on time, with the least costs associated.

Shipping containers overseas is a great solution for corporations and other large entities that need to transport a large amount of goods overseas, companies with big loads that are shipped at a time as opposed to individual orders, and companies with significant infrastructure and parts that need to be constantly delivered for service provisions.

Why marine shipping containers?

  1. Durability: There’s nothing more durable than a sealed, big steel box that was assembled to be indestructible. With your products inside a shipping container, no matter where it goes and what it does, you can rest assured your products will be protected in the face of adversity.
  2. Cost Savings: Shipping containers overseas, in many cases, can be more cost effective than other alternatives, helping you to save money while making a smart investment.
  3. Minimal Handling: When the products are positioned and loaded into the container, they do not need to be removed and handled in the process. With less hands on the products by the time they reach their destination, the less likely something will go wrong and be damaged in the meantime.

Typically, 20-feet and 40-feet in size, shipping containers can pack in a ton of products before they are full. Our Overseas shipping clients receiving personal, customized attention for each of their orders, ensuring that their specific product is cared for and supported in the process.

In the ever-expanding world that we live in today, being able to reach your global consumers with products that have been protected is paramount. Investing in the longevity of steel container shipping will provide you with peace of mind and guarantee that your investment is being protected.

Consider overseas container shipping today.

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