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Shipping Fine Art

Shipping Fine Art

At 1 Stop Pack N Ship, we recognize how important your fine art is to you. Whether you’re a collector, a museum, or just appreciate art in your home, we have solutions to help you feel confident as we are shipping fine art. We take each customer’s art into our hands promising to ship it safely and securely. We are able to handle local moves (within Maryland, D.C., or Virginia) as well as shipping around the country. We strive to take on all of your fine art shipping, moving, and storage needs so you don’t have to worry. This is a role we take seriously, as we truly believe there is an “art” to shipping fine art!

What We Ship

Our professionals are trained to take great care in the art you’re entrusting us to ship. We take pride in our ability to package fine art and specialize in handling fine art, installation, shipping, crating, and storing artwork of any type.

As you’ll find within our service information, we can ship the following types of fine art:
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Pottery
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Artifacts
  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • Stone and Plasters
  • Wax Figurines
  • Paper and Books

Determining How to Ship

Shipping fine art requires first assessing a particular piece of art. Each piece of art will have different levels of fragility, be different sizes, and have different values. All of these factors go into how we choose to package up the item and ship it. Depending on the size of the item, we also will have to come up with a plan for transportation. Will it be shipped on a truck? Possibly a plane? We make these plans on an as-needed basis for the specific pieces of art. We know the investment you make in the art we ship, and we take care of its transport. We want to be absolutely sure that your art is transported and delivered in the same condition as when it first came to us. We communicate the entire shipping process with you so that you feel confident and secure with your art in the hands of our staff.

Keeping Your Fine Art Safe

We offer climate-controlled transport for delicate art that requires the appropriate exposure to light and humidity and the appropriate temperature to protect your art. All of our packing materials are archival quality and acid-free, meaning your precious items will be taken care of and free from harm or deterioration.

On top of shipping your fine art, we also offer storage options. 1 Stop Pack N Ship has highly trained staff that are assigned to your fine art. For the entire duration of the storage and shipping process, they take your fine art into their hands to ensure it is a smooth and successful process. Our storage options keep your art safe until it is time for delivery. All of our art movers are screened, licensed, and insured. We make sure that we hire the best team so that you can entrust us with your precious art.

Do you have fine art that you’re looking to ship or move? Connect with us today to come up with a plan that works for you and your fine art shipping needs. Whatever you may need, 1 Stop Pack N Ship is here for you. Contact us at 301-762-3715 to get started today!

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