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Whether you are moving, relocating, starting a new or changing your business location, you are faced with the task of moving furniture. Dealing with a furniture move can be stressful, expensive, and time draining, as moving such big items around the world might not make sense in many cases. You have to sit down and budget out the shipping costs, figuring out what should stay and what should go.

Since we develop sentimental connections to our belongings overtime, sometimes it’s not that easy to just throw everything on the curb and pick up where we left off. That’s where international furniture shipping comes into the picture.

If you’re unsure of utilizing furniture shipping services, here are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. How much did it cost? If the cost of your furniture was more then the shipping will be to get it to the next point, it’s important to stick with your investment and look into how we can help you deliver your belongings to the next place.
  2. Do you have a sentimental connection to it? If you have memories associated with a chair or couch that you just cant bear to let go, that’s fine! You don’t  have to, you can move the furniture with you to the new location and go from there.
  3. How old is it? If something is fairly new and in good condition don’t just get rid of it. Hang onto it, and utilize furniture shipping to keep it in good condition while it’s happening.

We offer furniture shipping services for art pieces, antiques, computer goods, and household good, helping you to package, wrap, and keep all of your items prospected for their next drop off.

Our expert team of packagers are able to access the products, wrap them appropriately, and load them up for delivery at your new abode, whether it be 20 miles away or 3,000 miles away. We know that life can be hard to predict, with new jobs, breakups, changes, and more causing us to move at a moments notice. Instead of dropping your life off on the curb, and moving forward, you can hang onto your furniture through our land, sea, and air-based shipping methods.

We will pick the transportation and shipment that is right for you, helping you save money while sleeping better at night knowing your products and goods are safe, and protected. Get a quote today!

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